The heading could be construed as jumping the gun as we are really talking about talking about two individual things together. Quantized Time and Temporal Inertia.

We have previously discussed Quantum Gravity and Quantized Inertia.

Continuing this unification we are proposing that time also falls into the same family of forces and effects, and manifests as Quantized Time that continually exerts Temporal Inertia on us.

If this is the case then we could move against time, in the same way we move against gravity.  By exerting a force. The question is, what could produce the kind of force we need.

To handle Gravity IMT provides a manifold and antiparticles. The strong force, through the manifold attracts particles to each other, which in turn, exerts inertia on us keeping us on the ground (when we are on earth).  We can’t see this force, or perceive it, yet it is there moving us all the time.

What if time is the same and exerts an inertia force on us to keep us in the flow. Just because we can’t see it or feel it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Just like gravity… Yes, I hear you say… but we can exert a force against gravity. But it took us a long time to be able to do it. Rockets, Jets etc.

With Gravity, space exists in the matter plane (and maybe also in the antimatter plane). We can see it stretch out into the distance.

With Time though, if all time exists and we can go back or forward then every point, forward and backward must also exist simultaneously.

So… Where is it?


If we can see space and it stretches out into the distance and we can move there, then can we do this with time? How would we jump to another time?

First, ask yourself, can we jump to another space? Nope! We see space stretch out from our current location and if we want to go there then we need to travel from the point we are at to the point where we want to be.

I propose, it is the same for time, just like space, time stretches out, even if we can’t see it.

Moving from the point I am at, to the next point is simply a case of Temporal Inertia carrying me, like rolling down a hill.

Changing our position in time would require, not jumping, like in science fiction, but traveling, like we do in our well known 3D space. A temporal car if you will.

The best example would be the movie “The Time Machine”. The time machine in that movie traveled through every moment until it reached the travelers destination time.

The question here is what force do we exert on time to change our position.

Perhaps the path to understanding the manipulation of gravity is the same path to understanding the manipulation of time.

Understanding how the strong force effects particles through the manifold, might be the first step to understanding how Temporal Inertia effects us.

Thanks to Hugo Kemmel for the post image.