For the longest time I remained skeptical, but open-minded, regarding Dark Matter/Energy. This isn’t because I don’t like other theories, it is more about not liking theories that have to make up new forces or exotic matter to solve a problem.

In working on IMT and thinking about the manifold, it occurred to me that if matter particle are symmetric, and opposite, on the other side of the manifold, then there are further implications to be understood.

Namely, one of the things I love most of about IMT is how it seamlessly explains Quantum Entanglement, with out having to come up with any modification of the theory, and it is this association that lead me to identify the following notion.


If entangled matter particles connect to a single antiparticle, on the other side of the manifold, facilitating the entangled behavior we see with spin, then what if two anti-particles were to become entangled? Would they act symmetrically and link to a single matter particle?

My notion is to say yes.

In this configuration, and with full awareness that we have never measured the change in the behavior of an anti-particle associated with entangled matter particles, it is completely reasonable to expect that the matter  particle takes on a different state.

It is also entirely possibly that it is this altered state shows up as Dark Matter/Dark Energy in our matter based universe.

This would mean that Dark Matter will never been seen, while we are  looking for new exotic matter, but instead, we would need to look for a different state of normal matter, or perhaps just a change in the energy of normal matter.


It is also interesting to note, that based on the understanding provided by IMT, where time in the manifold is agnostic to our side of the manifold, our time, time on the matter side of the manifold, would also be agnostic to the
anti-matter side of the manifold, providing full, unqualified symmetry.


The first and most obvious question is…
Is it possible to entangle anti-matter particles?

The next question that comes to mind is quite possibly one of the most intriguing questiona that IMT has prompted for me…
What if you were to entangle the anti-matter particle of a matter particle that was already entangled?