I have updated the model (and the drawing) for the DVD Shelves to include a riser at the bottom of the shelves.

The riser sits inside the base dimensions at the bottom of the shelves and allows the shelves to sit flush up against the wall, or two walls if the shelves are placed in a corner.

The riser is positioned flush with the front of the shelves so that the shelves will always have their weight to the back and stay against a wall.  The box also lifts the shelves above any skirting boards and if you have carpets then it also clears the roll at the edge of the carpet which can cause shelves to lean forward.

So although the riser makes the footprint of the shelves smaller, it serves to make sure the shelves don’t fall forward.

Here is the new version of the technical drawing for the DVD Shelves in pdf format:
DVD Shelves Technical Drawing Version 4