OK! so you’ve downloaded the drawing pdf from the project home page (or the first post) and you are wondering what you will need to build these DVD Shelves!

All of the main parts of the shelves are made from 18mm MDF… Yep 18mm!
You can use slightly thinner material if you like, but one of the reasons I am using 18mm is so that shelves have a substantial look to them, and trust me, they will also be substantially heavy!

For the main shelves you will need 3 sheets of 18mm MDF 2400×1200.
The reason you need to get the 2400mm long sheets is so that you have the height in the material for the uprights which are 2165mm for the longest ones (outside).

At the back of each shelf there is a 75mm strip of thinner MDF which sits 60mm above the shelves and extend 15mm below the top of the Shelf to make a nice back for your shelf so the DVDs/Blue Rays line up on the shelf!
One sheet of 3mm (or so) MDF will be enough. The sheet will need to be 1800mm long as the strips are 1800x75mm. There is one strip per shelf.

You will need a bucket of screws at least 38mm long and appropriate diameter for 18mm MDF.
You will also need glue! standard PVA glue should be adequate, unless you have a thing for glue and then I expect you already know just the glue for the job!

Sandpaper is a given as is the paint in the color that you want for your shelfs – probably need 2 coats. I will be painting my shelves in a semi-gloss black.

Finally some small tacks to attach the backing strips to the shelves.

Of Course… There is always the assortment of tools for the job, saw, screwdriver (I used my power screw driver… 100 screws – definitely a must!), sanding stuff, paint sprayer (if you have one you will get a better finish), hammer, tape measure, square, pencil, clamps, chisel and a circular saw is also handy!

Good Luck and don’t forget to check out the next post for some handy tips on where to start and assembling your DVD Shelves!