The question of the true nature of gravity has intrigued mankind since the apple incident. In trying to perceive a new type of propulsion, gravity has to be considered one of the most important factors.

While I have never considered anti-gravity a viable goal, it is always important to understand ones adversary. And gravity is most certainly the adversary of propulsion.

What is Gravity? Some type of dilation in time-space? This was almost enough for me, but still, there were questions. After all I couldn’t build a propulsion system with that understanding.

I was very excited when I came across the concept of Quantum Gravity.  The idea that gravity was not only present for the tiniest particle, but it actually originated there, and is, in-turn, responsible for the larger effects we see in relativity.

The IMT journey started when I took an interest in the double slit experiment.  I got the idea that some sort of shadow particle was influencing the experiment, and if this was true, what was it? and could I use it for propulsion?

My first thought was antimatter.
If there was a particle antimatter would make sense.  Of course… If every normal matter particle has an antiparticle then the antiparticle had to be somewhere.  It couldn’t be in normal space as it would simply annihilate normal matter.

So something had to be separating matter and antimatter.  It was this realization that brought the manifold concept to life.

As I explored the concept further I realized that the manifold had to be woven through our own space.  An Inter-spacial Manifold, if you will.

Moving forward it would become evident that the particle and antiparticle would attract, and not only would the two bound particles attract, but other matter particles would also be attracted to the same antiparticle. – Sounds like gravity… but not quite.

At this scale we should only have the strong and weak force and I am not one to make up new forces. More of the same is natures principle and I try to follow that mantra.

These forces would not create gravitational behavior. The strong force would be too strong and exist over too short of a distance.

But, I hadn’t accounted for force translation through the manifold.

This is the key. The manifold not only acts as a membrane to keep matter and antimatter separated. But the manifold also lenses the strong force so that it manifests as the force we see as gravity on the matter side of the manifold.

This happens in much the same way we see optical lensing with light, where a beam can be focused or diffused. The lensing from the manifold stretches the force over a larger area extending its range, but reducing the attraction.

We don’t need any new forces or particles, like gravitons, simply a realization of the strong force through the manifold.  This force can be calculated using what I am referring to Gravitational Lensing Constant (glc).

We are easily able to calculate the glc by taking the field strength of the strong force, the field strength of the gravitational force and determining the difference.

We can then use the glc to calculate the gravitational envelope for a given mass or the gravitational field strength for a given mass. The math can also account for n body systems and still determine the gravitational envelope.

For instance, Taking into account each of the bodies in a solar system and their mass we can also determine the gravitational envelope for that system or any other local or astronomical structure.


IMT Quantum Gravity rejects concepts like anti-gravity.   I believe this is intuitive to a robust theory. Gravity is based on attraction. Plain and simple. No switching, No magic particle.

The theory does, however, provided for the blocking of the gravitational effect through some yet unknown exotic material or field. This could facilitate a localized reduction of the gravitational effect.

There is also the possibility of finding a way of breaching the manifold to release antimatter for matter-antimatter reactions. This is not just fanciful imaginings.

Based on IMT, Majorana fermions are one direction pointing the way, if they themselves are able to manifest from the manifold.

Matter antimatter reactors based on IMT would no doubt become a core research endeavor if IMT should prove viable. (see post on MAFT)