Well, finally I have sanded and painted my DVD Shelves.

\"\"Now it is time to put the Shelves in place… But… (every time a but!) I specifically left the back of the DVD shelves open so that you would be able to see the wall behind them.  I did this for two reasons… 1. Since the DVD Shelves are so big, if they had a solid back they would be very large and imposing, no matter where they stood.  2. I wanted to place the DVD Shelves against a feature wall.. pointless if you can’t see the wall!  So having open back shelves will make them more a part of the wall, and the house.

So I have now painted the wall using a textured suede effect paint, but you could easily use one of the metallic textures as well.  You might be thinking that the puple color is a bit over the top… but wait until you see it with shelves…

\"\"The wall I am using also has a short return wall.  To fill up the wall I wanted to put up a couple of picture frames, but I also wanted to keep it topical, so I have put 2 picture frames which, instead of having normal photos in them, I have printed of movie posters and put them in the frames. (left)

The frames are cheap frames, and the movie posters are printed on photo paper from my BubblesJet Printer.

The Frames look great and extend the area of the DVD Shelves to make them a feature, not just shelving!