I have always wanted to create a “Virtual” showroom to show my rendered creations in.
Ultimately it is my goal to create a Vehicle and then show it in the Showroom to make it as “Real” as possible.

This Showroom was originally designed to show the design for my Stryder, a 1 or 2 person electric ground effect vehicle.  I will put some posts about the vehicle as I do some more work on it.

I created the showroom using SOLIDWORKS, but created in more the style that you would using modern 3D modeling tools like Maya or 3Ds Max.  The textures came from various places, with the artwork on the back wall being one of the few real things in the render, as the image came from a picture hanging on my wall at home, and I simply wrapped it on a new digital frame in the model.

In the showroom you can see my coils, desk, turbine blades and DVD Shelves, all of which I created in SOLIDWORKS. The Car and the chair were created by artists on GrabCAD, although I re-textured the chair after importing it from an Autodesk model.  The other “real” thing in the model, which exists as a separate 3D model in SOLIDWORKS, but also in the real world, is the DVD Shelves. (you can find the design and build here)

All of the design files for the showroom can be found on GrabCAD here, along with the other models (that I created) shown in the showroom.

You can see a HD wallpaper of the showroom here.

Below are some images of items from the showroom and where the files are available on GrabCAD they link to those files – download – enjoy!