IMT is based on the notion that anti-matter was not destroyed in the creation of the universe, but diverted to an interspatial manifold.

Exactly how this might have happened, why this happened, or if it is continuing to happen is beyond the scope of this theory at this time.

While IMT addresses many of the unanswered question in physics today, its origins lie within a specific area of interested in Quantum Gravity and it’s unification with General Relativity.  This, as previously mentioned it in relation to my interest in propulsion systems.

Nature never avoids balance, but, seeks it out.  Nature doesn’t tend to remove things that are out of balance, but finds harmony through synergy.


Matter/Antimatter Field Theory (MAFT) is a new area of scientific endeavor exposed by IMT. The scope of this subject lies in understanding how field theory impacts matter and antimatter interactions through the manifold.

These interaction needs to be understood in context and within a frame of reference that takes into account the materials and energies present in the environment when we measure the exposure of antimatter to matter.

The impact of MAFT should extend our understanding of the way the universe was formed and drive development of materials like high temperature superconductors, as well as, exotic materials that can utilize gamma rays and harness radioactive decay.